Wilson Russell Chung Posts

Unreal 4 FPS game, voted Top 100 Indie of 2017 and 2018, featuring chaotic close range combat, slow motion bullet dodging, kung fu melee combat and next generation enemy AI.

Game Design: Prototyped and fine tuned slow motion and invisibility gameplay mechanics.

Level Design: Blocked out levels with greybox meshes, iterate and improve on blockouts from playtest feedback, art pass with textured meshes.

Programming (C++ and Blueprints) Weapons, projectile physics, melee combat, damage systems (armor, headshot multipliers), game loading and saving

AI: Enemy soldiers who take cover, flank, provide cover fire for teammates, throw grenades, search and pursue enemies completely without any level scripts. On a squad level, share cover positions and known enemy locations, and on a strategic level attack/defend objectives, plan counterattacks and ambushes.

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Unreal 4 powered Team Objective arena racer. Pilot hovercrafts and battle across the desolate wildlands.

AI Programmer: Using a combination of C++ and Blueprints (visual scripting), programmed AI bots which move, shoot, dodge, collect resources, plan offensive and defensive strategies as a team in an intelligent and believable fashion, almost indistinguishable from real players.

Fully utilized Unreal 4’s Behavior Trees, Environment Query System, AI Perception, created my own bot team manager for team behavior and strategies, such as reinforcing teammates in danger, base defense and base attack runs as a team.

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Popular Half-Life 2 mod. 10,000+ downloads, 800+ followers, top ranked HL2 mod on moddb on release, earning a front page post.

Coding (C++) & General Design: Inventory system, ironsights, regenerating health, region based bullet damage, bullet penetration, combat emphasizing tactics over reflexes

AI Redesign & Major Code Rewrite (C++): AI Combat behavior & Squad system:

  • Divide into cover/assault roles, moving & shooting as a team, suppressive fire, and taking cover on stimulus (incoming fire, explosions)

Level design: Using Hammer, Source SDK tools to iteratively design, script, test, decorate and optimize an exciting and cinematic new campaign spanning over 5 maps, featuring a new storyline complete with new characters and voice acting.

Community relations: Frequent updates and messaging to to followers during and after development, maintain moddb page, contact youtubers (resulting in 28 let’s play videos)

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University project under Computer Science faculty’s guidance. Published on Xbox Live Arcade passing peer review process and quality assurance requirements.

Conceptualized visual style: Gathered reference pictures, drafted concept art, consulted team members until settling on a unique 2.5d art style

Researched Spine API (2D skeletal animations) and tools, coordinated with engine programmer to integrate and optimize it for our game

Enemy design: Design and create sprites and animations for all enemies in Photoshop and Spine. Documented and created naming standard for 2d assets (20+ enemies, move, attack, take damage animations for four directions), working closely with entity coder to design and test enemies

Cutscenes animated entirely in Spine, 2 intros (co-op or single player), 6 ending cutscenes

Report weekly to Computer Science faculty mentors, working 40+ hours a week alongside two other student developers and completed within a strict timeline (3 months), precisely following our game design document

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2D platformer for XBox Live Arcade.

Desiged graphics for enemies, from interpretations of “programmer art” enemy prototypes (white blocks) using Photoshop

Character and cover art (Photoshop)

Level design and art pass on blocked out levels

Playtesting, watching playtests – aiming for the most accessible and fun experience for all

    • Design controls to use as few buttons as possible during early prototyping on Xbox 360
    • Matching shapes and colours for keys and keyholes
    • Different styles and colours for foreground and background art for easier readability

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